Scottish Title Deeds Explained

If you’re looking for the title deeds to a property in Scotland – for your own home, or that of a relative or friend, or someone who has died – you can order these online for a small cost (between £3.60 and £30.00). Read on for more information on how to order title deeds, and … Read more

East Dunbartonshire Residents & Powers of Attorney

Residents in East Dunbartonshire are being encouraged to access a new leaflet that gives advice about Power of Attorney. Power of Attorney is an important legal document which allows you to name someone to step into your shoes and make decisions for you in the future, if you become unable to make these decisions yourself. … Read more

Confirmation, Bonds of Caution, Small Estates & Other Unknowns

If you’ve been asked to obtain a “grant of probate” or “confirmation” or even “letters of administration”, you might be wondering where to start. Similarly, you might have been told about small and large estates and possibly the need for a bond of caution. Hopefully, this article will give you some useful pointers on what … Read more

Message to former clients of McClure Solicitors

This is a message to former clients of McClure Solicitors. As you may be aware, the long-established law firm of W. W. & J. McClure Limited (otherwise known as ‘McClure Solicitors’) entered into administration on 29th April 2021. Administration is a form of corporate insolvency – meaning that an insolvency practitioner would have assumed control … Read more

One Wee Step For Man – Owning Property in Space

Glasgow Prestwick Airport, famous for its stag-do horror stories, being Donald Trump’s official airport, and that time Elvis Presley had a two-hour stopover in the 60s and had no idea where he was. On the face of it, it appears like the Ayr airport doesn’t have a great reputation, and it certainly doesn’t help that … Read more

Santa Claus v. the Scottish Legal System

It’s that time of year again, that strange time when we willingly let a large, red-suited man into our house, eat our food and deliver socks to our loved ones. Of course, we all love the big red man, don’t we? Well not me. How can you not love a man who gives up his … Read more

Disinheritance in Scotland

Disinheritance in Scotland and the principle of what’s known as “legal rights” can be major issues when dealing with a deceased person’s estate in Scotland. “Forced heirship” is a principle common in many legal systems. In basic terms, forced heirship directs that a portion of a deceased person’s estate is passed to a close relative … Read more

Living Together in Scotland

If you are currently living together in Scotland with your partner but you’re not married or in a civil partnership, you might want to get your wills arranged sooner than later. “Co-habitants” is the officious-sounding term given to people who live together in Scotland, but who are not married or are registered civil partners. There’s … Read more