Confirmation Checking Service

Confirmation Checking Service

Confirmation Checking ServicIf you’ve received a rejection letter from any Sheriff Court in Scotland after applying for Confirmation to a Scottish estate, we can help you correct and re-submit your application with our Confirmation Checking Service.

You may have completed the appropriate Forms and submitted your application for Confirmation in accordance with HM Revenue and Customs’ guidance, however the Sheriff Courts in Scotland are very particular about how an application for Confirmation ought to appear.

If your application doesn’t look like it should, you may well find yourself back to square one.

Rejection by the Sheriff Court?

From our experience, the majority of people who attempt to obtain Confirmation to an estate in Scotland will encounter problems submitting their application to the Sheriff Court with success in the first instance.

What’s more, the Sheriff Courts cannot provide advice or legal guidance on how the application should appear – so you might never know what went wrong the first time!

Our expertise at your disposal

For that reason, we offer a fixed-fee Confirmation Checking Service to help you obtain the Grant of Confirmation from the Sheriff Court at the first attempt.

We know how HM Revenue and Customs as well as the Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service want your application for Confirmation to look like. We can review your documents and within a matter of hours provide you with written guidance on how to ensure the application is accepted.

Weir Law Solicitors checked and recommend changes to my C1 Form for Confirmation of Executors. They were quick to respond and their advice reliable. Confirmation was obtained without any hitches. They did this for a small fixed fee with the reassurance to look at it again if unsuccessful and for no additional cost.

Ian Hornal, Edinburgh


Confirmation without a will?

It's worth bearing in mind that you can only apply for Confirmation yourself (that is, without a solicitor) if the person who has died signed a Will during their lifetime.

If the deceased person died without a Will, you are likely to require a Solicitor to help you obtain a bond of caution before you can apply for Confirmation from the appropriate Sheriff Court.

Our Confirmation Checking Service can help you

We can review your application for Confirmation via email or letter (or in-office meeting) and within twenty-four hours we will have produced for you a sheet of proposed corrections.

You can then adjust your application accordingly and then submit to the Sheriff Court.

We will give you guidance on issued like docquetting the original Will, providing the correct Declaration on Page 2 of the Form C1, narrating the correct heritable description of the deceased's home in the Inventory, and other areas that often cause confusion.

You don't even need to be in Scotland to take advantage of our Confirmation Checking Service: everything can be completed via telephone, email, letter or video call.

Use our Confirmation Checking Service now

We are available to speak with you now on 0141 628 5544 or or send us an online enquiry and we can provide you with our fixed-fee and precise turn-around times for our Confirmation Checking Service.

Weir Law Solicitors focus on Confirmation and Probate and in Scotland. With office locations in Glasgow, Edinburgh and throughout the country, we cover all locations throughout Scotland.

We also act for individuals living abroad who have been tasked with dealing with a Scottish deceased's estate. Whatever your query, contact us today on 0141 628 5544 or