Message to former clients of McClure Solicitors

message to former clients of McClure SolicitorsThis is a message to former clients of McClure Solicitors. As you may be aware, the long-established law firm of W. W. & J. McClure Limited (otherwise known as ‘McClure Solicitors’) entered into administration on 29th April 2021.

Administration is a form of corporate insolvency – meaning that an insolvency practitioner would have assumed control of the company from the directors and managed the business from that point onwards.

The firm of McClure Solicitors ceased trading on 29th April 2021, and all client files and funds held by McClure Solicitors were then passed to Jones Whyte LLP, a Glasgow-based law firm.

If you have been affected by the administration and take-over of McClure Solicitors, you are advised to contact Jones Whyte LLP directly.