What is Probate in Scotland?

What is Probate in Scotland? Is Probate a Scottish or English term? What is the difference between the legal systems of Scotland and England when it comes to dealing with a deceased person’s estate? All these questions are more will be answered in this article, so read on or contact us today if you would … Read more

How long does confirmation of a Will take in Scotland

The time it can take to obtain Confirmation of a will in Scotland can vary depending on many factors, including the complexity of the deceased person’s estate, the likelihood of contentious issues or disputes within the family or beneficiaries, and the workload of the particular Sheriff Court in Scotland. In a straightforward case with no … Read more

Confirmation in Scotland without a Will

If someone you know has died and did not create a Will during their lifetime, you may need to obtain something known as “Confirmation” to be able to release their assets – e.g. bank accounts, investments, etc. Confirmation in Scotland without a Will can be quite complicated, and involves a number of additional steps required … Read more